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I spent my childhood and adolescence between books and white coats. Medicine was a permanent guest in our house in Rome, crowded with children, pupils, students, discussions and comparisons. Obviously, live with a father, famous professor, was not easy. The household presence of a luminary, however, has decisively contributed to set up my values, inciting me to imitate him and, at the same time, to distinguish myself from him, but anytime according his high moral lesson.

Thus, unique among five sisters, I decided that medicine and research would have been my field of action. In contrary motion and with a bit of ambition, I threw myself headlong in the studies, achieving very positive results for most people, but always judged just sufficient by the family. It’s a classic example. Therefore, I got graduation with full marks, specialization, and a long period working in Paris, with the pleasant feeling of being anonimous, at the laboratory of "Biochimie Genetique" at the “Hopital Cochin”.

Conference "Artificial Intelligence and Health" - Septembre 18, 2019

The new event of the Francesco Balsano entitled "Artificial Intelligence and Health" held in Rome on September 18 P.V. at the Auditorium Maxxi.The new event of the Francesco Balsano entitled "Artificial Intelligence and Health" held in Rome on September 18 P.V. at the Auditorium Maxxi.

The Symposium will take place in the context of "ACM Celebration of Women in Computing: womENcourage 2019" (16-18 September 2019) and aims to encourage the careers of young female students in ICT.

Registration for the conference is possible by registering at the website It will be necessary to register through the One Day Pass option and follow the instructions until you have the opportunity to choose between the courses entitled: Artificial Intelligence and Health.

Program "Artificial Intelligence and Health" 

NAO Has Arrived

Tuesday 11 June at the Pediatric PS of the San Salvatore Hospital (ASL1 L'Aquila-Avezzano-Sulmona) "will clock in" NAO, the latest generation humanoid robot able to interact in a personalized way with small patients thanks to its "intelligence social".
Upon arrival in the emergency room, NAO will help overcome the anxiety, the profound malaise and the intense fear that every child feels in emergency situations.
NAO is part of the project "Robot Therapy in Pediatric Emergency" born from the collaboration between the University of L'Aquila and the Federico II University of Naples.
Children and families will also be able to meet the NAO robot during the Street Science event, which will fill the historic center of L'Aquila with lectures, workshops, shows and interactive exhibitions on 27 September 2019.


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